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PEXLock Swivel Elbow Female Pipe Thread 3/8"X1/2" 30817

PEXLock Swivel Elbow Female Pipe Thread 3/8"X1/2" 30817

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PEXLock is an Engineered clamp designed for use with Ecopoly Insert Crimp Fittings, in all Fresh Water plumbing systems. This International patented clamp can be used with PEX pipe, PERT tubing, and IAPMO approved Polyvinyl pipe for fresh water systems. The simple design of the PEXLock clamp, with its high integrity plastic resin works well in extreme heat and cold. The PEXLock is approved for potable plumbing and radiant heat applications. PEXLock is engineered to be installed with a pair of pliers and removed with a screwdriver. The NSF and CSA listing allows for the use of PEXLock for all residential and recreational applications, and are offered in 3/8”, ½”, ¾” and 1”. The PEXLock design has awed the most seasoned plumbing professional with its clamping strength design and its ability to be re-used and re-clamped. Fresh Water systems do not have to be Rocket Science—they just need to work, like PEXLock.


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