About Us

Backed by years of expertise in both manufacturing and maintaining recreational vehicles, at OKGN Property and RV Maintenance we pride ourselves on our heritage in the RV industry. Our team understands the importance of equipping your RV with the correct, quality parts and products, and are adept at identifying and supplying the ideal components - tailored to accommodate your specific model, make, and/or production year. 
In an era where e-commerce reshapes our shopping habits, the traditional RV storefront is evolving. We have embraced this change, offering RV owners a seamless and efficient online platform to access an extensive selection of parts and accessories. Our catalogs are not just vast - they are ever-expanding, with over 100,000 items to ensure your RV's needs are fully met. If we don't have what you need, we will guide you to the best place to find it.
Whether you're embarking on your RV journey or in search of specific items, our expertise is at your service. We understand the challenges of navigating the vast world of RV parts and maintenance, and we are here to simplify that process for you. Engage with us through our user-friendly chat service for personalized assistance, or give us a call directly at 778-308-4119. We are eager to serve and support you in every step of your RV journey by offering a service that's as reliable as it is comprehensive.